Immediately south of Adelaide’s CBD, Unley (map) is one of 18 metropolitan councils that make up the Greater Adelaide metropolitan area. Unley is South Australia’s most established, densely populated and highly sought after areas. For a business, investor, developer or family looking to establish a future in a strong, stable and affluent environment, the City of Unley really is a community of possibilities.

Our residential neighbourhoods include South Australia’s most prestigious addresses and desirable postcodes. Our cultural life is active and rich, with locals able to access regular festivals, markets, community and sporting events, all within one of the safest communities in Australia.

Within Unley are five unique business districts clustering around the five main transport corridors leading from the south into Adelaide’s CBD. Each of these business districts has a unique culture and vibe and as such are recognised as presenting distinctive opportunities for shoppers and investors alike.

Additional opportunities exist on our boundary roads such as Greenhill Road, Anzac Highway, South Road and Glen Osmond Road, where we are seeing residential uplift and high levels of employment.

Whatever your goals and ambitions, we hope to partner with you and realise your possibilities here in the City of Unley.

For more information contact our economic development team on 8372 5111 or visit City of Unley.