The Pilbara region (map) , located in northern Western Australia, accounts for 20% of the state’s total land mass. Its 507,896km2 equates to two thirds of the area of New South Wales, twice the size of Victoria, and more than five times bigger than Tasmania. A population of 61,000 people call the Pilbara home.

It is a globally significant mining and energy region boasting a wealth of resource endowments, dynamic communities, rich Aboriginal culture and stunning natural landscapes. In the last decade the Pilbara has been the powerhouse of economic growth for Western Australia and the nation. Its proximity to Asia and extensive resource assets have resulted in the Pilbara being recognised as a region of global significance.

The Pilbara Development Commission plays a lead role in the development of the Pilbara to broaden the economic base, improve social infrastructure and to sustain a rapidly growing residential population. For additional information regarding the region’s economy and investment opportunities please contact the Pilbara Development Commission.