The City of Maroondah (map) covers a land area of 61.4 square kilometres in Melbourne’s Outer East and is located 22 kilometres from the CBD.

Over 9,000 businesses operate within Maroondah, including over 3,600 commercial and industrial businesses, 4,000 home-based entities, 560 industrial-zoned sites, and 1,000 factories in 200 industrial complexes. According to the 2016 Census, there were over 44,000 employed people working in Maroondah. Maroondah’s thriving economy provides significant employment opportunities in the Manufacturing, Professional and Scientific, Retail, Construction and Health Care sectors. In addition, a range of key service and retail precincts are clustered along the Maroondah Highway corridor and over 30 neighbourhood shopping centres are spread throughout the municipality.

Maroondah is well positioned to take advantage of Victoria’s future growth. Ringwood is identified as a Metropolitan Activity Centre within Plan Melbourne providing an extensive retail and lifestyle offering, anchored by Eastland Shopping Centre. Croydon is also a key local activity centre with concentrated retail opportunities continuing to strengthen its thriving town centre.

In the context of the Eastern Region, Maroondah also plays a vital role as a key stakeholder within the Bayswater Business Precinct. This precinct is a major industrial and economic hub, spanning 730 hectares and employing almost 40,000 people (2014 NIEIR estimate). Combined with excellent local road infrastructure, Maroondah provides 360 degrees of access to all major destinations in the Maroondah matrix and the outer-metropolitan area.

This website presents economic and demographic insights for Maroondah. For further information and assistance in relation to business and investment please contact Maroondah City Council’s Business and Development Unit on 03 9298 4320.