The City of Marion (map) is located about 10km south-west of the Adelaide CBD, covers 55 square kms and stretches from the Glenelg tramline in the north to Hallett Cove in the south. It is one of South Australia’s larger metropolitan Councils and has a diverse economic base that is primarily centred around the Edwardstown industrial area, Science Park, Tonsley (including the major re-development of the ex-Mitsubishi Motors assembly plant) and the Marion Regional Centre which incorporates Westfield Shopping town, Marion Cultural Centre and the South Australian Aquatic and Leisure Centre. In addition, Flinders University and Flinders Medical Centre, both situated adjacent to Science Park have a significant impact on the area. The economic base is dominated in absolute numbers by small businesses, many of which are home-based.

With workforce planning a critical element for business sustainability, the Marion region is currently involved in a range of major projects such as the Tonsley Re-development and the $620 million Darlington Road Upgrade. Combined with other educational resources in the region including Flinders University and the new Tonsley TAFE SA, Marion has much to offer businesses, residents, visitors and the wider community.

Whilst recognising that market forces and other external factors are the primary influences on local economic conditions, the City of Marion believes that local government can play a major role in ensuring sustainable economic growth. However, such growth can only be achieved if the City works in partnership with other key stakeholders including the business community, neighbouring councils and the State and Federal Governments.