Strategically located at a pivotal point in Melbourne’s Outer East, Knox (map) is an established centre for manufacturing whilst being at the same time being home to over 160,000 residents. It is a major economic force in the region with a gross regional product of $9,475 million. With around 70% of its resident workforce working outside of Knox, the local economy is closely linked to other parts of the regional labour market.

In recent periods, key industries in Knox, in common with other areas of the region, have become more skills-intensive, partly as a response to globalisation and increased specialisation, particularly in advanced manufacturing. This has also led to greater interaction across the region, e.g. in establishing supply links with other businesses and the establishment of relationships with specialist providers of technological expertise including Swinburne and Monash Universities, CSIRO, and the Australian Synchrotron.

The continued outward expansion of Melbourne has also resulted in closer synergies with neighbouring areas. This is particularly so with municipalities to the south and west where some Knox businesses have relocated lesser value added processes to areas where land has been less expensive. With limited land available for industrial expansion to the west of Knox, there is now a greater demand from businesses seeking larger premises or greenfield sites relocating to Knox. Continuing development within the South East Melbourne Innovation Precinct has also stimulated greater interest in Knox as a site for new advanced technology industries. Knox is extremely well placed in a position that links the south and east of Melbourne with other areas of the metropolitan area. This is reinforced by Eastlink, a 40 kilometre expressway which provides quick, efficient access to all areas of Melbourne including ports and airports.

This website is a great source of information, containing economic and demographic information for the Knox region. For additional information about the Knox economy and Council's support for business and investment, please go to or contact the Knox City Council.