The Isaac local government area (LGA) spans an area of approximately 58,000 km2 in Central Queensland, from the coast to the coalfields, located 1,000km north-west of Brisbane and 900km south of Cairns.

Historically the Isaac economy has been driven by the resource sector which still contributes over 75% of the region’s GRP of $5.9 billion. The Isaac LGA hosts 23 operational coal mines which produced 54% of Queensland’s total saleable coal in 2015 and consistently generates in excess of $1 billion in royalty payments each year. Agriculture is also an important industry with agricultural output in Isaac being valued at $308m.

While the region predominately produces high grade metallurgical coal and is shielded from much of the uncertainty surrounding the future of thermal coal, regional leaders recognise the regional state and national economies cannot rely on a finite resource indefinitely, and have embarked on an exciting journey to strengthen and diversify the region’s traditional economic base and ensure socio-economic sustainability for generations to come.

The Isaac LGA is strategically placed to capitalise on the economic opportunities associated with the rise of Asia and northern Australia Development initiatives. Consistently high solar radiation and proximity to existing transmission infrastructure and markets make Isaac an ideal location for solar farm development. The region also presents opportunities for biofuel production. The Isaac coast is identified as an emerging tourism precinct for development in the Mackay Destination Tourism Plan 2014. The coast also hosts commercial fishing and aquaculture operations.

This website presents economic and demographic insights for the Isaac region. For help or more information contact the Economic Development and Communities Team at Isaac Regional Council.