Glen Innes Severn Council (map) covers an area of 5,487 sq. km, and is located in the beautiful New England area of N.S.W., servicing the town of Glen Innes and villages of Deepwater, Emmaville, Glencoe and Red Range. The Glen Innes Severn area is known as Glen Innes Highlands (Celtic Country).

In Glen Innes Highlands we are committed and supportive of new ideas, industries and opportunities that contribute towards our local and regional economy. For a region rich in heritage we are continuing to attract a broad range of businesses and investors leveraging and capitalising on our endowments.

The Glen Innes Highlands economy is on the rise. Our Region has significant and growing specialisations in livestock and horticulture industries. The key livestock industries are beef cattle and sheep farming.

Our Region has a growing horticultural sector, with the Region producing apples, stone fruits, avocados, mangos, kiwi fruit, strawberries, blueberries, tomatoes, vegetables, turf, macadamia nuts, pecans, chestnuts, lavender, garlic and herbs, cut flowers and nursery plants.

The Glen Innes Highlands economy is on the rise. Wind and solar are joining established thriving businesses that include a global photo processing innovator, the largest producer of premium Black Angus and Wagyu beef, telecommunications innovator and a regional honey industry with up to 35 commercial operators as well as hobbyists.

Tourism is another important industry. Accommodation and Food Services (which is a proxy for tourism) is the 4th largest employer in the Region. There are opportunities to continue to grow the short-breaks and day visitor markets out of the South East Queensland and the Northern Rivers Region of NSW, special interest and activity-based markets and the long-haul touring market.

We have over 1000 businesses registered in Glen Innes across the breadth and depth of industry however, there is room for more. Our community, associations and council continue to support and promote Glen Innes Highlands in our endeavour to keep our economy strong, progressive and open for business. For more information about Glen Innes Highlands and the opportunities for new businesses or residents, please contact Glen Innes Severn Council – telephone 02 6730 2300.