The Mid West region of Western Australia is strategically located on an iconic coastline between Perth and the growing economies of the State’s north. Being a central point between the resource rich Pilbara, the growing Kimberley region and the State’s capital city of Perth provides the Mid West with a host of different economic opportunities - all of which the region intends to capitalise on. Traditionally an agricultural region, the Mid West is now attracting unprecedented investment interest from a range of other industry sectors. The mining industry has quickly become the main economic driver of the region. Strong international demand for commodities and high commodity prices have already underpinned significant mining investment and many more projects are planned for future years. There is also a host of large-scale infrastructure projects expected to commence in the near future. These projects are diverse in nature and will provide both short and long term employment opportunities in the region.

Geraldton (map), the region’s capital, is currently in the midst of a massive economic expansion and has significant capacity for further growth. Land availability is good, housing prices are affordable and existing infrastructure is well-established. Local governments, businesses and the community support a vision of expansion, sustainability and liveability for the city. Strong business and economic connections already exist between Geraldton and the Pilbara. Cutting edge science and technology will complement mining activity in the region and bring a variety of economic, training and education opportunities for its residents. The vision is for Geraldton to be a city that is built around a rich fabric of diversity, attractive to people from all walks of life. It will become a vibrant economic, cultural and social hub in its own right but will also still be the idyllic seaside city that people recognise as Geraldton.

This website presents economic and demographic insights for Greater Geraldton. For further information and assistance in relation to business and investment please contact the City of Greater Geraldton's Economic Development and Innovation Branch, telephone: +61 08 9956 6600.