Albury (map) is a modern, vibrant city on the northern banks of the Murray River in the Riverina region of south-eastern New South Wales. It is the major retail, commercial, administrative and cultural centre for the region, with an economy dominated by manufacturing, construction, business services, retail, wholesale and health services. The Albury economy is diverse and resilient. As at June 2017, the city's Gross Regional Product (GRP) was valued at $3.674 billion and Output (Gross Revenue) was $7.325 billion.

While Albury offers the social, cultural and economic benefits of a thriving modern city, it is also known for its leisurely lifestyle, rich history and heritage, natural beauty and tranquillity, parks and gardens and tree-lined streets. Located at the centre of the Sydney-Melbourne-Adelaide triangle, Albury is recognised as a leading regional centre with a positive outlook for growth, investment and employment. The population of Albury is just over 52,000 and approximately 39,000 people live in neighbouring Wodonga.

This website presents economic and demographic insights for Albury. For further information and assistance in relation to business and investment please contact the Albury Economic Development Team.