Our Local Government area covers 9575sq km’s (map) and is located in Western Tasmania and is bounded by the Southern Ocean in the West and our Regional Centres to the North. Coastal populations Strahan, Granville Harbour and Trial Harbour, inland communities of Queenstown, Zeehan, Tullah and Rosebery and the small historic townships of Gormanston and Linda are all within a short distance from magnificent lakes, rivers, rainforests, dunes and historic sites.

Renowned for its mining industry, the region has set itself a challenge to diversify its economy and develop industries such as tourism, aquaculture and renewable energy.

Mining, a main-stay of the economy, is no longer be a stand-alone industry – the ore bodies and exploration will exist alongside interpretative tourism reflecting upon, and showcasing, its history. The rainforests, lakes and mountains stand pristine amongst heritage railway experiences and adventure tourism, incorporating mountain bike trails and river rafting.

Tourism is a significant driver of the economy, providing 8.2% of total jobs. Together, the mining and tourism industries directly provide jobs for 44.8% of all employed persons in the West Coast.

Substantial growth in the aquaculture industry, a small but significant agriculture industry looking to grow and a renewable energy project in the form of a wind farm proposal at Granville Harbour signifies the region is serious about chasing innovation through diversification and embracing change.

This website presents economic and demographic insights for West Coast. For further information and assistance in relation to business and investment please contact the West Coast Council Economic Development Team, telephone +61 3 6471 4700.