The value of regional exports generated by the Lake Macquarie economy is estimated at $5.189 billion.

Definition: Regional Exports data represents the value ($) of goods and services exported outside of the defined region that have been generated by businesses / organisations in each of the industry sectors within the region. Another way of defining exports is as an inflow of money into the region, i.e. Motels have an inflow of money from people who live outside the region’s boundaries thus they are earning export dollars. No distinction is made between domestic and international exports. For instance, so exports of goods and services from Lake Macquarie include sales to the rest of the Hunter Region region.

Source: Latest REMPLAN data incorporating Australian Bureau of Statistics’ (ABS) June 2016 Gross State Product, 2013 / 2014 National Input Output Tables and 2011 Census Place of Work Employment Data.
Maps:  State, Suburb, Local Government Area, Statistical Local Area and Statistical Area geographic boundaries are sourced from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.  Destination Zone boundaries are sourced from Vic Roads, Transport NSW, Department of Transport and Main Roads (QLD), Department for Planning and Infrastructure (WA), Department of Lands and Planning (NT), Department for Transport, Energy and Infrastructure (SA), Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources (TAS) and Transport and Planning (ACT).

The presentation of Place of Work data in this profile corresponds to Destination Zone boundaries so may not align with official ABS geographic boundaries.